Forms to let you,
run as a team.

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Our manifesto

One tool,
One team.

Integrate all your different customer relation tools,
from emails and entry forms to customer management systems, into one.
With formrun, anyone can create beautiful and efficient online forms.
More effective business process with seamless integration of customer management tools.
Start moving towards your team's most important goals,
with formrun.

Form setup

Create forms with one click,
using one of our templates.

Add new fields with one click

Form fields, such as addresses, can be added from the preset with one simple click. Create forms in no time.

Unique form address

Freely configure the URL of your form. Integrate your email address into the formrun process by replacing it with the form address.

Customize freely

Customize visuals such as cover images and logos, to create a form that matches your brand image.

New opportunities
form addresses.



Address auto completion


Sales and progress management

team efficiency.

Progress review at a glance

Its intuitive interface makes formrun easy to operate for anyone. Increase response speed for higher customer satisfaction.

Integrate your team's email

Send and receive emails directly from cards and create/edit templates for email messages for better team coordination.


Manage all your team's correspondence in one place. Share information faster.

Customer ManagementCOMING SOON

From "management"
to "utilization".

The screen is under development

Smart lists

Create lists for different occasions. Facilitate your team's next actions with flexible list management.

Custom fields

Complete freedom to create fields for acquiring customer information. Flexibility to start small and change fields as your team grows.

Turning data into assets

Manage all your team's files and email correspondence in one place. Turn your valuable data and communication with customers into real assets.