Simple inquiry management with formrun's status board.

Stress Scan Inc. Santa Miyadera
-How did you find out about formrun?

A member of our development team knew the service and recommended that we use it.

-What led you to implement formrun?

Our service was being featured in the media and inquiries from users and companies were increasing. That is why we have now set up six different forms. Originally, we were thinking about developing online forms by ourselves, but we did not have the resources to design a database for each form in a short amount of time. So, we were looking for a service that would let us set up forms easily.

-What did you think about the process of setting up formrun?

I myself am not a engineer. I am able to read some html but I can't write html. I used formrun to generate form tags from existing pages and it was really easy. I did not need any special knowledge and I was able to set everything up in about two hours.

Automatically generate a form tag for formrun, simply by pasting the URL of an existing form.

-What is your impression of formrun?

Before using formrun, inquiries would be sent to our email Inboxes. This often led to inquiries being overlooked and organizing different folders became increasingly difficult.

formrun's status board, makes inquiries easy to manage. It has a clear layout, which makes using it stress free. I also like the intuitive user interface. Compared to an email Inbox, it enables us to respond to inquiries a lot faster.

Santa Miyadera

Director, Stress Scan Inc.

After working as a consultant and project manager for foreign software vendors for nearly 15 years, he now works as an independent consultant. Since joining Stress Scan Inc. in April 2016, he was instrumental in reaching more than 1 million App downloads.