Now I can set up online forms by myself.

Rejob Co., Ltd. Keisuke Inoue

-How are you using formrun?

We are using it for application forms for events and campaigns. Most recently, we used it for applications for an event called "Employment Support EXPO @BEAUTY".

Rejob regularly sets up special pages for these kinds of events, held several times a year and we plan to keep using it in the future.

-Can you tell us about the structure of the team using formrun?

The team would consist of five people. Somebody from marketing, sales and myself as a designer. The marketing and sales staff are in charge of managing the applications.

I would set up the form and hand it over to the other members but I have never had questions from the sales staff about how to use formrun. They were using it in no time.

Formrun's management screen is also easy to use. It doesn't need any explanation because it is very intuitive.

-Why did you choose formrun?

When we created a special page for this campaign using an online form, we had some preconditions, such as: automatically send confirmation mails, place the form on our site, as well as being able to release the form within a short time.

In order to raise the application rate, it was necessary to place the form on our site and due to the nature of the project, automatic confirmation emails were a must.

Furthermore, we did not have any resources to spare, as our engineers were just working on other tasks.

Just as we were wondering what we are going to do, I came across formrun, which met all our conditions.

-How long did it take for you to set up the form?

The implementation including markup, took less than an hour. I just changed the destination of a form I created using markup.

With WordPress's existing plugins, database design, mail notifications and data status management could not be integrated seamlessly.

We have about one week from the planning of an event or campaign to its announcement online. Since requests can come at very short notice, it can be quite difficult to deal with them, depending on the timing. It requires not only design, I also have to coordinate with our engineers. The more people are involved, the harder it is to stay on schedule.

Even with such a tight schedule, I think formrun helps us to implement the online form on time. If we would be creating forms in-house, it would be necessary to involve engineers and do everything from design to testing.

-What is your impression of formrun from the standpoint of a designer?

I don't know anything about server development, but I almost got uneasy at how fast and easy it was to set up a form on formrun.

Even as a designer, I am able to set up online forms on my own. I don't have to use the resources of our engineers.

It is extremely convenient to be able to prepare the inquiry or registration form for campaigns and events in no time and even deal with all the customer interactions using formrun.

After releasing the form, our marketing staff asked me about improving the application rate and we talked about improving the data fields. I tried various things, changed data fields and the conversion improved significantly.

Deleting or adding form fields can often be difficult, but it was no problem with formrun. It's really easy.

Keisuke Inoue

Web Designer, Design Unit, Rejob Co., Ltd.

Joined ZIGExN Co., Ltd. after having worked as a web director for a publishing company. On loan to ZIGExN's subsidiary Rejob Co., Ltd. since 2015, where he is in charge of the design and full renewal of the beauty recruitment site Rejob. Continues to work on the design of the site and is committed to Rejob's vision of "spreading Japanese skills and services throughout the world and create a world where everyone is content."