The workload has decreased significantly.

Joystick Fumiya Ishijima
-How did you find out about formrun?

I am following a lot or investors and VCs on Twitter, and I found out about formrun through someones tweet. We use formrun for the application form for our trial training sessions, as well as entry forms for time trials, which we hold regularly.

-What is your impression of formrun?

Other applications are only able to send information to your mailbox. But we also have many inquiries by telephone and mistakes would be made when entering this information into spreadsheets and notification emails would often go unnoticed. I would sometimes even have to ask my students for the information a second time. And then we had to re-share the information with our training staff. Sometimes on the morning of the training sessions. It was time consuming the communication cost was very high. It was such a waste.

We time our PR with sports days and the beginning of the school year. During these peak times, we receive more than 100 inquiries in a very short time. However, we were sometimes unable to reply in time, which led to lost opportunities.

By using formrun, the workload has decreased significantly. Any information entered into application forms is automatically reflected in formrun, and we can organize the data according to a student's status, which I find very useful. We can follow-up on students who participated in trial training sessions. with memberships or discount prices. In other words, formrun makes it easier to manage the workflow of approaching students who took part in trial sessions. It also makes it easier to share information with other members in the team. I am doing most of the work from managing the business to handling all telephone communication. But if I do everything by myself, mistakes are prone to happen because there is just so much data to manage and I was looking for some kind of support. Especially around the end of the school year or the sport day season, we would get so many applications. I was sending instructions to our coaches using LINE, but there is a limit to how many messages you can send. Especially during these busy periods, I wanted to be able to leave the day to day operations to my staff but I did not have the means to share information efficiently.

With formrun, all members access a single database, so partial sourcing is possible. Since you can assign staff members for each customer card, it is possible to track the history of each coach, such as when a male coach was changed for a female coach. This is really useful. There were times when I was managing everything with spreadsheet software such as Excel or Numbers, but they do not allow you to do collaborative work, like updating data at the same time or manage the detailed history of each coach, such as who is assigned to which class. It was also difficult to ask our coaches to be able to use spreadsheet software, but formrun is so simple, anyone can use it.

It also keeps track of current student data. Children feel more comfortable to take part in lessons if they have friends there. Kids from the same school, the same grade, etc. So, if you can tell children taking part at the trial training sessions, that there are children from their school taking part in the lessons, it takes away some of the tension. It is helpful to have easy access to such information.

-Did you consider using other CRM systems?

I thought about using a sales management service, but I found it too costly. So, I attempted to implement a customer support tool from overseas, but it wasn't able to finish the setup on my own. I wanted to reduce fixed costs and these other services did not match the scale and needs of our business.

-Who set up formrun to connect to the online forms on your website?

I did it by myself. I do not have a technical background, so I only had basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, but using formrun's form transfer function, I only had to make slight modifications. The actual setup took about 30 minutes.

-Can you tell us something about the way you use formrun?

I try to send a reply within ten minutes when a student applies for our trial training sessions. I believe that it is important to make first contact while their motivation is high. But for students who have just taken part in one of our sessions, I take care not to contact them immediately about registering for courses. With formrun I can manage a student's status, such as "Pending", "In progress", "Contacted regarding trial training session", "Contacted regarding enrollment", "Not enrolled". Being able to manage if a student has enrolled or not after a trial training session is very important.

Data on students who have not yet enrolled at our school is a treasure-trove. You have to know how to utilize it, such as contacting students who participated in trial sessions at a specific time but did not enroll in any classes. As a startup with limited resources for promotions, I think it is very important to make effective use of any information you have obtained.

-Who would you recommend to use formrun?

I think it would be useful for anyone that runs a cram school (juku). They have to send out many guidances on lectures, for summer and winter semesters. Cram schools also acquire a lot of data by talking with students directly. Formrun can help with entering all of this data, if you set up a form for this.

Fumiya Ishijima

Representative, Joystick / Junior Coach, Japan Athletic Association

Currently studying at Toyo University. Set up Joystick in 2014, as a running school for children, aimed at developing young talents for professional running clubs. Also works as Junior Coach at the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF). Joystick is scheduled receive corporate status in March 2017.