A simple solution to the money and time consuming setting up of online forms.

Egao Inc. Hisashi Tanaka

-How did you find out about formrun?

We were just renewing our company website and talking about how much of a hassle setting up inquiry forms would be. We were looking at different online form solutions but none of them seemed to be right. That is when we happened to stumble upon formrun. We thought it was really great. You can not only build forms, but you it even lets you manage customer relationships.

-How are you using formrun?

We are using formrun for the company tour entry form on our recruitment page. Our website was renewed in April, but on our old site, we would only receive am email notification if someone made an inquiry. As you know, these notifications tend to get buried under all the other emails in your Inbox. We are also restricting the use of emails and are using Slack for most of our communication and with formrun, we can now receive notifications on Slack. I am mostly out of the office during the day but now I can receive all the information from inquiries on my smartphone and am able to call the person immediately. It's really useful.

-How long did it take you to set up formrun?

It took about half a day. It was over before I knew it. There was actually one thing I couldn't understand, but I immediately found an answer in the formrun user guide, so I did not have any trouble setting it up.

-What is your impression of formrun?

I confess I was really impressed. formrun changed my preconception, that setting up and operating online forms was time and cost consuming. If you have formrun, you can set up online forms in no time and you can even keep it in line with your branding.

Hisashi Tanaka

Representative Director, Egao Inc.

Started working at an IT company in 2002 even though he had never touched a PC before in his life. In 2009 he assumed office as a director of the company, playing a big part in the company's business expansion. Founded Egao, Inc. in February 2013 and appointed Representative Director. Egao, Inc.