You can see all the necessary information at a glance. We are never going back to customer management using spreadsheets.

Coiney Inc. Sachiko Kobayashi

-Please tell us about Coiney's sales support services

Our main focus are inquiries from new clients. We support the sales team through follow-ups by telephone, providing guidance on our service and support for our member stores.

-How are you using formrun?

We are using formrun on Coiney's documentation download site.

Currently, eight people are using the system, but not all of them are members of the sales support team. Members from the sales, marketing and the design team can each check inquiries from our clients.

In our team, we use formrun's Slack integration to automatically send information to a dedicated channel, whenever a client requests information on our service. Depending on the industry type or location of the client, somebody from the sales might contact them directly, but as sales support staff, I will usually be in charge of contacting the customer by telephone.

Aside from the information clients enter on the online form, we also have inquiries by phone or fax, where we use formrun to manually enter client information.

We have different tasks associated with formrun. "Check formrun", "Check client information", "Call the customer", "Record client interaction", as well as "Send additional materials".

In addition, we made changes to the settings in formrun according to type of business, location, and type of inquiry. We manage our client lists and correspondence by prioritizing and flagging inquiries.

-How do you time the direct calls to your clients?

After clients enter all the necessary information they can download the requested material as a pdf document. I think most clients would be surprised if we were to call them right after they have sent their request and they also wouldn't have had time to read the material and have a better understanding of our services.

Therefore, we don't call right away. We time our calls according to industry type, e.g. avoid calling during busy daytime hours, etc.

-How did you manage customer relations before?

All of our customer information was automatically entered in a spreadsheet, such as Excel. However, it was difficult to add the person assigned or to document the communication history.

-What is your impression of formrun?

I like that you can easily manage statuses, even though the screen design is very simple. We are very pleased that we can keep track of prospective clients at every phase.

At the beginning we hat only three status settings, "Pending", "Communication in progress" and "Done", but since you can freely create different statuses, we now manage our client relations using nine different statuses.

formrun includes many elements of SFA and CRM and it can be used in a wide range of situations depending on how inventive you are. Also, unlike tools that have been individually developed for sales or customer support, formrun can be used by anyone in the team.

-Why didn't you consider using tools like SFA and CRM?

There are different tools, but it takes a lot of time and effort to plan, install and operate these services. I have considered different services, but in the end none of them were able to convince me. formrun can be set up by one designer and the sales support team was able to use it intuitively without needing a manual. I was able to familiarize myself with it in no time at all. It covers all functions we need, to manage client inquiries, and it was easy to integrate into Coiney's sales support operations.

-We heard that you are making full use of the memo function. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

We are using the memo function to record all communication with our clients. I make note of the date, if the communication is incoming or outgoing, the client's sex, questions, comments and the result of the communication. I am using the memo function to its full extent and I would be glad, if you could add even more functionality.

Example of the memo function on formrun's client cards.

-formrun does not offer a user manual. Did you have any difficulties using the service?

I myself am not very good with computers, but with the simple user interface I was able to find the functions I wanted, right away.

I also have a clear understanding of our goals as Coiney's sales support team. formrun had everything we needed and was therefore a very good fit for our team.

Had the rate of lead nurturing in our sales process had been very high, we might have introduced tools like SFA, but for cases where you respond to online inquiries, formrun's information and client management functions feel just right.

Considering the time and cost it takes to learn about or train others about the complicated functions of some of the other services, as well as implementing them in day to day operations, the introduction cost of formrun is surprisingly low.

Sachiko Kobayashi

Sales Support, Coiney Inc.

Joined Coiney after doing administrative work for a restaurant, where she downloaded Coiney's payment application to her personal smartphone and was shocked by how simple it was to use. She continues to build relationship with shops nationwide, keeping in mind that especially because Coiney is a smart service, direct communication needs warmth and a sense of security.