You can set up forms without any technical skills.

Clinical Platform, Inc. Masazumi Tanaka

-At your previous job, you also worked as a designer. What kind of project were you involved in?

I worked as a designer for a company offering nursing care services. I was mainly creating our homepage and banners. I also created online forms.

-What kind of online forms did you create?

I was making online forms for inquiries and requests for information material. I was doing everything from planning the form fields, making the design to writing the html code. Because I do not have back-end knowledge, I had to rely on one of our engineers to actually implement the forms.

-What is your impression of formrun?

Since I don't have any knowledge about back-end engineering, I had no choice but to rely on our engineers to implement online forms, but with formrun I was able to implement forms by myself.

Just create code using formrun's html tag creation as a reference, insert the the script inside the page code, and then adjust the style. It's really easy. I was even able to verify each form I created - something I always had to ask an engineer to do.

It is very good to have a validation function, I found it really helpful, since I cannot write JavaScript. It is difficult to adjust required fields or set validations to prevent wrong entries.

The screen for managing input data is also very easy to use. The input data was shown as a list and it was easy to understand that you could use display functions to manage different statuses.

-How long did it take you to create a form with formrun?

I did it on my own. It was very easy and took around 30 minutes.

-What kind of forms are you using formrun on?

Since our company provides an electronic medical chart service for medical staff, we prepared an inquiry form suited for medical staff. But we were also receiving a lot of inquiries about business collaborations and our customer experience team soon became overwhelmed.

Therefore, we decided to separate inquiries from medical personnel about our service from others and we are using formrun for all inquiries not related to our service. The customer experience team can now focus on communicating with medical personnel interested in our services, thereby greatly improving operational efficiency.

-Who is using formrun at your company?

Three people. Our marketing representative, the manager in charge of business planning and myself the designer. Each one of us responds, depending on the type of inquiry.

-Who would you recommend formrun to?

I would recommend it to any web designer, because you can create forms, test their functionality, implement validations and even manage data without having to use an engineer's resources.

Masazumi Tanaka

Designer, Clinical Platform, Inc.

After working as a web designer for a nursing care service, joined Clinical Platform in April 2016. Is responsible for the design renewal and enhancing the corporate site, as well as other creative tasks. In line with Clinical Platform's vision of "Better Quality with Less. Providing better quality medical services with less effort", he hopes to contribute to the medical field through his designs and services.