Not only can we create online forms but we are able to manage the information as well.

Bracket Inc. Takeshi Yabe

-What led you to implement formrun?

We are using formrun for the inquiry forms on our corporate site. We decided to renew the corporate site, prompted by a MBO (Management Buyout) in September 2016. In an attempt to construct a corporate site in a short period of time and with as little effort as possible, forms were the only thing I had to build dynamically. I was just wondering what I should do, when one of our designers recommended I use a service called formrun. This is how I began using formrun. I wasn't checking other online form creation services, but if we wanted to implement forms, we only had the option to do it by ourselves or use an external service. When we started using formrun, we found that you could not only design freely but the information management functions were also easy to understand.

Speaking of forms, I did not want to simply paste Google forms into the site. I guess I didn't want the Google Forms logo to be shown on our site, because it will branding of our website.

-Did you have any troubles with the implementation?

I read the blog to find out how to use formrun. The reference was very thorough, so I had no trouble with the implemention. Newly released functions are described in detail, which is also very helpful.

Especially the real-time validation formrun.js was very useful. It really saved us a lot of time and effort.

Although it is possible to make simple types of forms by ourselves, but takes some effort to decide how to manage the data entered into the forms, howo to assign people and departments, etc. However, formrun comes with a dashboard function which is very good for customer management. You can check all customer communication and you can manage the status of each customer. I wanted to make something that did not require development and operation cost. so formrun was exactly what I was looking for.

Using formun, I also liked how easy it was to manage data and information. I also thought is was great that you could receive notification not only by email but that it also has Slack integration.

-Who would you recommend formrun to?

I believe it can be used by different kinds of companies. For example, those that do not have an in-house engineer. You can create online forms even if don't know any CSS. Even if you do have an engineer, his or her time is better spent developing the service, and I think companies that can't spend time and cost on creating and managing forms should consider implementing formrun. With formrun you can not only create online forms. You can also manage all of the data. I think it's important to see if a service is useful in the operation phase.

Takeshi Yabe

Engineer, Bracket Inc.

Joined Bracket Inc. in 2015 after being an independent software and package vendor. He is in charge of the development of Currently, he is trying to create an environment where he can really enjoy developing.