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Customer cards are the best way to manage customer information.

Customer cards are the best way to manage customer information.

A customer's status changes constantly. Update information on a customer's status or ongoing correspondence with a simple drag-and-drop on the board, making progress management easier than ever. You can also receive feedback from other team members and check past interactions on the timeline.

Say good-bye to spreadsheets.

Say good-bye to spreadsheets.

Delayed updates, difficulty grasp every list shared by your boss or colleagues, or not being able to open files at all... Managing customer lists is often time-consuming and complicated. formrun supports spreadsheet formats. Because teams have shared access to customer lists, they are no longer dependent on a few individuals to manage them.

Interview sheets make sales activties more effective.

Interview sheets make sales activties more effective.

By creating interview items beforehand using formrun's creator function�, necessary information can easily be entered when meeting a client and managed centrally. By sharing the unique form address with your team, the other members can use the same form to aggregate and apply the information efficiently.

Features for Sales

Individual mail sending function

Send email to customers directly from cards.

Mail templates

Create templates for outgoing email. Reduce copying/pasting of fixed form sentences.

Editing of display items

Edit and customize customer information fields to be displayed.

File download


Team members

Forms and customer lists can be managed by multiple people.

Bulk import

You can import your existing customer lists in bulk.