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Concentrate on customer marketing.

Concentrate on customer marketing.

The creator function includes more than 10 presets. You can create seasonal or event driven promotional campaigns, without having to outsource or allocate internal resources for creating entry forms. The form address allows you to easily share campaign information on social media. All you need is an idea and formrun to create a successful campaign.

Seeking to create a form that feels comfortable.

Seeking to create a form that feels comfortable.

We believe that it is very important that users are able to enter information comfortably. formrun comes with real-time validation and entry form optimization (EFO) functions. By creating forms with excellent design and usability, we will help you reduce the bounce rate and improve the number of registrations as well as conversion rates.

Stress free searching for and entering data.

Stress free searching for and entering data.

Detailed search functions and instant access to necessary customer information will make it unnecessary for you to shift through large amounts of data. In the spreadsheet mode, you can freely edit and update data. It is very easy to input data in each table or make bulk updates or assign multiple in-house customer service staff in one step. You can greatly reduce the time and effort of entering and updating data.

Features for Marketer

Individual mail sending function

Send email to customers directly from cards.

Mail templates

Create templates for outgoing email. Reduce copying/pasting of fixed form sentences.

Editing of display items

Edit and customize customer information fields to be displayed.

Google Analytics tracking

トラッキングIDを設定することで、フォームの表示回数および送信完了回数をGoogle Analyticsで測定することができます。

Team members

Forms and customer lists can be managed by multiple people.

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