Strict Data Access Management

In formrun, access to the server is restricted to system personnel, and data is strictly managed to protect customer's important information. You can not access the database except system personnel. Even system personnel do not access data stored in the server except in limited circumstances, such as when requested under the law or consent of the customer.

Adopt advanced security and rich proven data center, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Formrun employs Amazon's data center, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is built to meet the requirements of organizations that emphasize security. The database is automatically backed up daily. Due to its high reliability and achievements in Japan and overseas, it has been adopted by financial institutions that require high security.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) adopted

Since all communications with formrun are encrypted using SSL / TLS using certificate of RSA 2048 bits, we prevent data malfeasance, eavesdropping and communication contents leakage by a malicious third party.

Server monitoring system 24 hours a day 365 days

Formrun monitors the server 24 hours a day, 365 days. When a system failure occurs, contacts are sent to the system personnel in real time, and the recovery work according to the situation is done immediately.

ISO 27001

We obtained certification of international standard "ISO 27001 (ISMS)" on information security management. We will continuously improve information security measures and aim for services that customers can use with confidence.


Make creating efficient forms
unbelievably fast and enjoyable.

fast and beautiful forms
for a better user experience.

Equipped with real time validation functions such as checking of mandatory items and automatic completion of addresses from postal codes. Your users will feel less stressed, leading to lower disengagement and fewer input errors.

Wide range of templates

Reduce the time it takes to create forms with 20 types of templates. Let your team's form management get off to a good start.

New opportunities
form addresses.



Address auto completion


your team
with form



Make routine workflows

the business process

Manage all your information history, such as call and interview memos as well as emails, in one place. Turn your valuable data and communication with customers into real assets.

with timeline


Individual mail sending function

Send emails to customers directly from cards.

Mail templates

Create templates for outgoing emails. You can reduce the time of copying/pasting fixed form sentences.

Features Overview

Customer Management

Status board

Create to fit your current workflow. Progress review at a glance.

Individual mail sending function

Send email to customers directly from cards.

Mail templates

Create templates for outgoing email. Reduce copying/pasting of fixed form sentences.


Manage customer information history, such as call and interview memos as well as emails on the cards.

Change history

Record all your data's change history.

Bulk export

You can export received information in bulk, as CSV.

Bulk import

You can import your existing customer lists in bulk.

Bulk editing

Bulk editing on the list screen. Streamline recurring work.

Editing of display items

Edit and customize customer information fields to be displayed.

Keyword search

You can easily search and summarize by keywords.



Send notifications in Slack or ChatWork when a form is submitted.

Email notifications

Send notifications of a form's submission and its contents to any email address.

Automatic reply mails

Send an automatic reply to the email address entered in the form.

Real time validation

The time-consuming task of setting validations can be accomplished by writing a simple html code. This will lead to EFO (entry form optimization) and improved user experience.

Form Creator





Create multiple teams

Members can use the same account by department or across different organizations.

Team members

Forms and customer lists can be managed by multiple people.